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Pop-up Blockers

Due to a proliferation of unwanted windows opening on users computers while using the internet (called pop-ups), many people have installed pop-up blockers on their computers, and many newer internet browsers include pop-up blockers built in. Additionally, Microsoft recently released a security update to their Windows XP operating system called Service Pack 2. One of the features included with this update is a pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer. A pop-up is a window that opens up when you visit a webpage. This can happen simply by visiting a page, or through an action you take, such as clicking a link. The default setting for this new pop-up blocker is Medium, which should not affect any Virtual Archive pages. If you choose to set your blocker to High, which will block all pop-ups, there will be aspects of the Virtual Archive that will be affected. For example, when you try to access a non-pdf finding aid, the pop-up blocker will prevent it from opening, and you will receive a notification in the Information Bar.

To get around this, go to the pop-up settings. The instructions for this vary depending on what you are using. Check your internet browser or pop-up blocker's help section. For Internet Explorer you can access the settings by clicking on the Information Bar after a pop-up has been blocked, or by looking under the tools menu. You can then add sites on which pop-ups will be allowed. For the Virtual Archive, add the following addresses (without quotes): "www.vietnam.ttu.edu"; "www.virtualarchive.vietnam.ttu.edu"; "www.virtual.vietnam.ttu.edu"

The Vietnam Center and Archive website does not use pop-ups in an malicious way or in an attempt to sell or advertise something. Any pop-ups that are a part of our site are intended to work that way. If you do receive a pop-up while visiting our site that attempts to sell you something, this is probably due to a software program that was downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge, called spyware. There are many software packages available, both free and for purchase, that may be used to removed these hidden programs.

If you have questions or concerns about the Vietnam Archive and pop-ups, please contact us using the information on our Contact Information page.

Difficulties Accessing the Virtual Vietnam Archive

Some visitors to the Virtual Vietnam Archive and Vietnam Center and Archive website have been unable to access certain search pages. Because the Virtual Archive is powered by license-based database software, only a specific number of simultaneous users may gain access at any one time. When the limit is met, additional users are not allowed to access certain search pages and receive an error message. If this has happened to you, we apologize for any inconvenience.

If you receive an error message, please do not give up on using the Virtual Vietnam Archive. If possible, try conducting your research at other times of the day, particularly the morning, after 6 a.m. Central Time as this is a time when few users are online using our site. In addition, while the Virtual Vietnam Archive search page itself may not be accessible, it is possible that other accessible pages on our site may be of interest for your research. For example, those interested in Oral History interviews can browse a standard HTML web listing of all interviews available through the Interviews section of the Oral History website. This page can be searched using your browser "find" feature.

Thank you for your patience with us. We realize it can be very frustrating if you are denied access to the site. Please remember, we are aware of the situation and try to prevent it from happening. We welcome your questions or concerns at any time. Contact us by phone (806-742-9010) or email (vnca@ttu.edu).

Virtual Vietnam Archive Unavailability

The Virtual Archive may be unavailable periodically for various reasons, such as system updates or system errors. When an unavailability is planned, we will place a notice on the website beforehand.

Please do not bookmark the Virtual Vietnam Archive search page. Users should always access through the Virtual Archive homepage - http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/virtualarchive/. This will ensure that users are accessing the most up-to-date version of the site.