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The Search Site Quick Search conducts two searches - one of the digital materials in the Virtual Vietnam Archive, and another of the contents of the Vietnam Center and Archive website. Results are displayed side-by-side, and there may be duplication between the results.

To conduct a search, type your search terms in the search box and either hit enter on your keyboard or click the search icon next to the search field. Note that searche terms are limited to a maximum of 25 characters.

Website Search Results uses the Google search engine, and will display the top 10 hits matching your search query.

Digital Materials Search Results will display the first 50 items from the Virtual Vietnam Archive that match your search query. There may be more digital materials matching your search available. To search for more materials, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive entry page and click "Search the Virtual Archive" in the left column. For more advanced search options, on the Simple Search Page of the Virtual Archive click "Go to Advanced Search."