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Guest Lecture Series
General Anthony C. Zinni
In his nearly 40 years of military service, Gen. Anthony Zinni (USMC, retired) has become one of the nation’s most sought-after and respected voices on military and international political matters.
Digitizing Vietnamese Immigration
The Orderly Departure Program
This three year projected, funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), is projected to make available online 250,000 pages of materials documenting the immigration experience of Vietnamese to the United States following the end of the war in Vietnam. The records are from the Orderly Departure Program (ODP) files of the Families of Vietnamese Political Prisoners Association / Vietnamese American Heritage Project Collection.
Techsans in the Vietnam War
Honoring Texas Tech Graduates
Techsans in the Vietnam War is a program dedicated to honoring or memorializing Texas Tech grads who served in the Vietnam War and contains pages dedicated to these brave men and women. Each page features a short biography of the honoree and, if available, a photograph and supporting documentation about the honoree.
The Diary of Dr. Dang Thuy Tram
The diaries of Dr. Dang Thuy Tram, a North Vietnamese doctor killed during the Vietnam War, we recovered by a US Army Soldier, Fred Whitehurst, and brought to the Vietnam Center and Archive in 2005.
The 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War
The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration is a program to honor and pay tribute to Vietnam Veterans and their families during the 50th Anniversary of the war. The commemoration program will consist of a series of events and activities over the course of several years and spread across the country.
Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument
The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument will honor every Texan who served our country during the Vietnam War. It will stand as a permanent reminder of the service and sacrifice of all Texas Vietnam Veterans and will promote education today and for future generations so visitors never forget their courage, dedication, and bravery.
Help Build the Museum
Honoring Texas Tech Graduates
This $12 million dollar building will feature a large exhibit space, storage for archival and museum materials, meeting rooms, and research facilities. To help make this building become a reality, visit our fundraising page
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